Welcome to Generator Rentals Australia – one of Australia’s leading specialist suppliers and hire services of generators and associated equipment including fuel tanks, lighting towers, load cables, leads, distribution boards, load banks and change over panels. 


We can and will meet your temporary and emergency power requirements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our capabilities are far ranging. The power needs of anything from a small PA to a multi-storey building can be met by our generators and equipment. The sizes of our generators for hire range from 1kVA to 1,250 kVA with the ability to supply even larger loads through paralleling multiple units. In an emergency we can respond promptly. Call us on (03) 9369 6700 or fax (03) 9369 5600 or email enquiries@eastcoastgenerators.com.au for your generator hire services, sales and solutions.


Anything from weddings to festivals to shopping centres to warehouses and even multi-storey office buildings have made use of our generators. We have a solution for practically any conceivable occasion which needs portable or emergency power or generator hire. Click here to view and print the Generator Rentals Australia Terms & Conditions of Generator Equipment Hire and Rental.