At Generator Rentals Australia we have a large range of ancillary equipment to complete the job.

This Equipment includes:

Load Cables
Single Phase and Three Phase Leads
Powerlock Cables
Cable Ramps
Distribution Boards
Changeover Switches

Used to run between the generator and the equipment or switchboards being supplied. All of our cables come in 10, 25 & 50Mtr runs. They can also be joined if required for longer runs.

load cables equipment











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Single Phase & Three Phase Leads

single phase equipment We have a large number of single phase & three phase leads used for different equipment applications.

These also come in 10, 25 & 50Mtr runs and can be joined for longer runs if required. We stock the following types of leads.

10 Amp Single Phase
15 Amp Single Phase
20 Amp Single Phase
10 Amp Three Phase
20 Amp Three Phase
32 Amp Three Phase
50 Amp Three Phase
63 Amp Three Phase (C-Form)
63 Amp Three Phase (Marachel)
125 Amp Three Phase (C-Form)



We also stock a large number of adapter leads to assist in solving issues in connecting uncommon appliances or equipment to our generators or your mains supply.








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Powerlock Cables

power lock equipmentBecoming more and more prevalent in the event industry, powerlock cables are quick connect powerlock1and disconnect cables where high currents are required. Generator Rentals Australia stocks a full complement of 400 & 660 Amp Powerlock Cables to suit any application.







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Cable Ramps

Generator Rentals Australia stock a large number of cable ramps. These ramps are easy to install and have the capacity to be driven over by a fully loaded truck.

Take a look at our cable ramps for rent now.

cable ramp equipment

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Distribution Boards

Take a look at our distribution board hire services here.

Generator Rentals Australia stocks a large number of distribution boards in all different sizes and configurations.

distribution equipment














We have boards specific to the construction industry:

distribution equipment 2 distribution equipment 3


Boards specific to the event industry:

distribution equipment 5 distribution equipment 6


Boards required for all types of situations including circuit breaker boards used to feed multiple supplies off the one generator or mains:

distribution equipment 7 distribution equipment 8 distribution equipment 9

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Changeover Switches

Take a look at our changeover switch hire services here.

At Generator Rentals Australia, we have automatic and manual changeover switches available to rent now.

hire changeover switches Melbournerent changeover switches Melbourne

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Looking for more? See our range of Event Services and processes for Planned and Unplanned Power Outages here at GRA.