Portable Power Generators Melbourne

Are you looking for portable power generators? Look no further.

At East Coast Generators, we are experts in portable power solutions. If you’re looking to rent or buy portable generators, you’ve come to the right place. We have an extensive range of generators and additional equipment to help you with all your power supply requirements.  For a light-weight, easily transportable generator, browse through our website and get in touch if you have any questions.

We have a range of compact generators including lightweight inverter generators and mini briefcase generators. Small portable power generators are a great solution for camping (and other recreational activities) because of their quiet operation. You don’t need to be kept up all night with our range of power solutions.

No matter your requirements, we have a make and model that will suit you.

Many of our customers buy portable generators for the following reasons:


  • camping
  • boating
  • domestic backup power
  • commercial backup power (small businesses)
  • portable power for worksites
  • storm protection
  • isolated home in harsh climate

Our portable power generators Melbourne models are available starting as low as 2kVA and going all the way up to 80kVA. If you have a specific make or model in mind, get in touch with our

portable power generators Melbourne

team and we’ll make sure you find a power solution that fits your requirements.

When you buy a generator from East Coast Generators, your equipment will come with a warranty from the manufacturer to guarantee long-term functionality. We have a strict quality policy to ensure all of our products meet customer requirements and any regulatory industry standards. Customer satisfaction and safety are our priorities. Rest assured that your equipment is of the highest standard with East Coast Generators.

If you’ve been searching for the extensive range of portable power generators Melbourne has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. You won’t be limited by choice when you purchase or hire from our expert team. If you need some help making a decision, simply contact us and we’ll help you choose equipment that meets your project requirements.

Rent Portable Generators Melbourne

portable power generators Melbourne

We hire out our generators with Generator Rentals Australia. Our extensive range of portable generators are available for hire at any time – 24 hours, 7 days a week. Get in touch with us via our emergency phone line on (03) 9369 6700 and we will process your request as soon as possible. When you need power in a pinch, Generator Rentals Australia are here to help.

If you just want a generator for a short period of time, there’s no point wasting your money buying a new one. Hiring a small power generator is a cost-effective solution for people who only need a temporary solution. If you’re going on a camping trip for a few days or doing some work on site, you only need a hire service. Save your money and hire with Generator Rentals Australia.

Our portable power generator Melbourne hire services are popular amongst recreational enthusiast who need portable power for their next trip as well as tradesmen who need a small power solution on their next worksite.  If you’re looking for a generator on a construction site, we recommend the Crommelins range of mini generators. This brand is manufactured especially for construction sites and meet all the safety requirements.

We make sure all of our equipment is tested for safety and functionality before we hire it out. You can rest assured that you will have access to safe, reliable power when you rent from us. When you borrow from your mates, you can’t be sure what you’re getting. It’s important to make sure you use safe equipment – especially on construction sites where safety regulations must be met.

Check out our range of small generator rentals today. If you have any questions about our services, contact us via phone or email us at enquiries@eastcoastgenerators.com.au.

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